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Introducing Assemble

Using Assemble, project teams can access, analyze, condition, and share model-based building information to improve preconstruction and construction processes including design reviews, takeoffs, estimating, change management, value engineering and schedule management.

Výstřižeks.PNG Rapid Model-Based Takeoff

Extract comprehensive visual inventories in minutes. Gain insight into every model parameter, whether custom, shared or project-based. Takeoff building systems and assemblies by the unit of measure of your choice. Add unit costs for quick insight and verification of cost or budget implications.

VýstřižeksInstant Access to BIM

Provide the entire project team with access to BIM using just a web browser. Collaborate to support real-time, data driven design, bid, and construction decisions..No Revit skills required.

VýstřižeksConceptual Estimating

Based on your unit cost database, use Conceptual Estimating to support early budgeting while the project is still in the design phase. Combined with variance reporting, your conceptual estimate can track project trends as quickly as you can publish out a new model version.

VýstřižeksLevel of Development Tracking

Use LOD Tracking to clearly understand model progression during the design process. Verify or edit LOD quickly and accurately and send back to the model using the Sync feature. Easily visualize objects based on a particular LOD.

Výstřižeks.PNGSync Data Back to the Model

Sync for Autodesk Revit lets members of the project team update critical model information and add intelligence in an easy-to-use interface. Whether you are modifying type names, adding descriptive data at the instance level, such as manufacturer names or comments for team members, sync the information back to the Revit model to reduce redundancy and build out a robust model.

VýstřižeksExport to Navisworks Search Sets

Assemble integrates with Autodesk Navisworks to bring a visual dimension to the tabular data in the model inventory. Any custom data set can be exported to a Navisworks search set to view an easily identifiable graphic selection.

VýstřižeksVisual Variance Reporting

Find model changes quickly, using Assemble’s Visual Variance tools. With each new model version run variance to graphically show model adds, deducts and quantity changes. Use variance to track changes for any numerical model property such as Cost, Area, Length or Weight.

VýstřižeksVisualize Model Data

Inventories extracted with Assemble are linked to the model viewer, providing a visual validation of the data.  Accurately quantify and visualize takeoffs, changes and cost implications, quickly and with ease.

Výstřižeks.PNGOrganize Inventory by Color

Whether you use color to manage work breakdown structures, estimates or schedules, Assemble allows you to add color to the model to communicate the information to the team members that need it.

Výstřižeks.PNGCreate Precise Data Sets

Communication and collaboration is improved and simplified when the project team is sharing the same information. Use views to organize information in the way you and your team need to see it. Create more precise data sets, use multiple parameters and use additive or subtractive rules for advanced filtering.

Výstřižeks.PNGExport/Import to Excel

Export custom data sets to Microsoft Excel for fast, customizable reporting and analysis. Excel Import facilitates easy uploads of data to Assemble, and in combination with Sync, Excel Import will streamline your ability to add and modify large amounts of model information with improved efficiency and accuracy.

Výstřižeks.PNGSecure Access on AWS GovCloud

Access and manage BIM data in a highly secure environment that meets federal government security requirements. Learn more.


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