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CADWorx Design Review: 2019 (19.00.00)

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CADWorx Design Review: 2019 (19.00.00)
CADWorx Design Review provides an interactive, 3D environment for analyzing models created in either CADWorx Plant, CADWorx Structure, CADWorx Equipment or a CAD platform (DWG), as well as multiple file formats such as from Solid Works, Autodesk Inventor, and CATIA. CADWorx Design Review now allows these multiple file formats into the collaborative environment for a composite model review. With Design Review, you are able to walk through your model to investigate potential problems and collaborate with other team members in a single review session.

CADWorx New Features
New Features in CADWorx Design Review 2019
The following changes have been made to CADWorx Design Review for this release:

  • Many tabs and palettes have been reorganized for easier use.
  • You can view models in either parallel or perspective views.
  • You can undock palettes from the window edges to create free-floating palettes.
  • You can now close the current model and keep CADWorx Design Review open.
  • The new Clear Cache and Reload functions allow you to improve CADWorx Design Review performance by actively managing the cache.

The following features are available for CADWorx Design Review Pro

  • All functions and features available in CADWorx Design Review.
  • Additional file types are now supported for import.
  • You can save a clipped model as a view.
  • Added snaps to the measurement tool.
  • A new clipping option for isolating selected components, Selection Volume Clipping, is now
  • Added snaps to the clipping tool.
  • Annotations can now be added to a clipped view.
  • The new Annotate Model command creates annotations that persist across all views of the model.
  • Use the new Annotations Visibility feature to hide or display all annotations in the model.
  • The new Advanced Model Tree Palette is a combination of the previous Layer Properties, Component List, and Model Data Tabs.
  • Search for and isolate specific data or components using the Advanced Model Tree
  • You can now export a drawing in IFC (*.IFC), VUE (*.vue), and Adobe 3D PDF (*.pdf) file types.
  • The new Publishing Service allows you to import .DWG files and export different file types.
  • You can now export annotations in CSV (*.CSV) or Microsoft Excel Workbook (*.xlsx) file format.

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