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Designing_Industrial_Water_Treatment_ Facilities_with_CADWorx

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Designing_Industrial_Water_Treatment_ Facilities_with_CADWorx

CADWorx possesses an extensive and unique range of tools and capabilities that makes designing multi-discipline water treatment facilities fast, accurate and cost-effective. Whether you’re involved in wastewater, water treatment or desalination projects, CADWorx can meet the challenges and approach your company follows to lay out, design and deliver these types of facilities.

What You Will Learn

Using a wastewater treatment and an associated water purification plant model as a basis for the live demonstration, learn how:

  • Concrete and steel structures – like sedimentation and aeration tanks – commonplace in wastewater treatment facilities, are designed
  • In combination with BricsCAD BIM, a building’s housing plant can be modeled and detailed in accordance with industry standards
  • Piping used in water treatment facilities, having different materials, connections and construction methods, are easily routed and quickly changed when designs need to be revised
  • Deliverables are generated automatically, ensuring an accurate and consistent handover of information to procurement, construction and commissioning, and eventually, operations and maintenance
  • How companies working in the water industry are already benefiting from CADWorx

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