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The population of the world is currently 7.6 billion people. It is predicted to reach 8.6 billion in 2030. As a result, the need for more food and beverage plants will continue to grow at a staggering rate. Food & Beverage plants represent a huge corporate investment that requires rigorous solutions to meet operational challenges. Choosing an engineering partner who understands your needs is vital to future expansion. Hexagon PPM has more than 40 years of experience as a world leader in engineering software. We understand that your Food & Beverage industry needs are complex, and that your engineering and plant design requirements demand a diverse combination of software tools that help you:

  • Rapidly develop new plant facilities with intelligent 3D modeling software solutions which will provide dramatically better control over valuable information assets needed to operate plants more effectively and comply with government regulations.
  • Leverage intelligent plant models to minimizing costly plant shutdowns.
  • Proactively manage the critical information required to demonstrate regulatory compliance in operating the plant day-to-day.

Some of the world’s leading Food & Beverage companies, as well as EPC companies involved in the design and construction of Food & Beverage plants, have chosen PPM plant design software for major projects for the past two decades.
CADWorx Plant Professional software for intelligent 3D plant design offers a proven track record of success for developing 3D process piping models. CADWorx Plant Professional excels in generating sanitary piping models which, when used in combination with our Isogen® software, delivers automation for isometric drawings and pre-fabrication benefts during project coordination and construction.

At the core of current plant design are advanced project execution workfows that utilize:

  • State-of-the-art 3D modeling software
  • BIM
  • Modular construction techniques

CADWorx Plant Professional also supports the BIM workfow and coordination with our IFC export utilities for BIM interoperability. Plant models are easily reviewed using CADWorx Design Review software.


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