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NozzlePRO – News

General features

Support for ASME VIII-2 Part 5 Nonlinear Analysis Features

  • PRG has invested upwards of 8 person-years of software development and laboratory real-world testing for results validation and correlation. QA/QC for this new capability to be available in NozzlePRO™ and FEPipe™. This marks a MAJOR new capability for all PRG FEA-based applications.
  • Automatic Twice Elastic Slope Calculation
  • Automatic Collapse Calculation Load Stepping
  • Large Rotation, Multi-Linear Elastic Plastic Material, Arc Length Solution with First Order Large Strain
  • Nonlinear Ratcheting Determination using Reinhardt Method
  • Branch and Run Side Sustained Stress Index Calculation
  • Ratcheting for various load combinations
  • Plastic Unloading to determine permanent deformed shapes
  • Substructure analysis of piping system to determine primary or secondary characteristic of nozzle loading

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