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CADWorx 2014 has been Released!

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CADWorx 2014 has been Released!

CADWorx 2014 Control Panel

An AutoCAD-based system, CADWorx 2014 is the next generation software solution for plant design and automation. This latest CADWorx release delivers a number of significant new and extended capabilities to increase productivity and improve user experience. This also includes an updated and improved user interface, including the following enhancements:


Dynamic pipe supports
Lets you make pipe size changes while automatically maintaining pipe and steel association.

Tees converted to crosses using the grip point on the main of the tee
Gives you the ability to change a tee to a cross without having to erase and redraw the component

Reducers can have branches routed from the side

Lets you quickly and efficiently add a branch to the side of a reducer adding the tap connection for you

Center of Gravity calculations can be completed within a single dialog box for all components types
Allows you to quickly and efficiently calculate center of gravity for all components in a drawing, without needing to manually combine individual component type center of gravities

OrthoGen capability added to CADWorx
Lets you quickly and efficiently Launch Orthogen if it is installed on a user’s setup. Orthogen is used automate orthographic drawing generation from CADWorx models

Gaskets, Bolts, and Welds have been enhanced for appearance
Gives the ability to view how a model would look with realistic gaskets, bolts, and welds appearance

Custom Data can be added at most levels in Spec Editor and components can be isolated by Custom Data or changed in Plant
Custom Data fields and values can now be used and edited in the model directly and exported to the model database whereas previously they could only be used in long description/short description/tag formats

Spec Editor

Dynamic Pipe supports importing and creating of new pipe supports
Allows you to add supports to a specification and it makes it easier to move and manage pipe supports. Legacy pipe supports can also be converted automatically. Tee supports are a new capability with this functionality as well.

Import and export of Description formats
Lets you move description formats between specifications for quicker and easier usage. This saves the user time because they don’t have to recreate these descriptions and helps with standardization across projects in the organization

Import of Smart Plant Reference Data specifications
Gives you the ability to use converted Smart Plant Reference Data specification data to draw components in CADWorx. This helps you by making it easier for Smart Plant Reference Data users to quickly import data into CADWorx and begin drawing

and much more!!

See the full list of CADWorx 2014 enhancements by clicking on the Detailed Enhancement List on the CADWorx 2014 page here.

To get your copy of this latest release contact your local Intergraph sales representative by clicking here.

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