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CADWorx Plant 2014

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What’s New in Plant

Version 2014 (14.0)

  • This user’s guide has had the following changes for this release.

Items added and updated with CADWorx Plant Professional 2014


  • The Pipe Support Palette has been changed to reflect the new Specification Editor Pipe Support changes and the use of dynamic pipe supports. This option also enables new pipe supports on tees.
  • Tees can now be converted to crosses after routing by using the grip point on the main of the tee.
  • Reducers can now have branches routed from the side with the added grip point.
  • Multiple components can now move simultaneously by using the MOVECOMPONENT command.
  • Tubing can now be stretched and routed from, similar to other pipe.
  • Center of Gravity has now been updated. All center of gravity calculations can be completed within a single dialog box.
  • Generic Attach has been updated to include the BOM Mark Point and the CG Location, enabling you to select a point for the Center of Gravity.
  • OrthoGen capability has been added to CADWorx.
  • Gaskets, Bolts, and Welds have been enhanced for appearance. They now appear as they would in a real world environment when in enhanced mode.
  • There have been ISOGEN identifiers added to the ISOGEN Export Options for user shapes.
  • You can now set a minimum spacing rule for the O-Lets.
  • You can now have custom data that is attached to components appear in the data. As well as isolate components based on this custom data. A Custom Data button has been added to the Component Edit dialog box and the Global CEdit dialog box.
  • You can now review changes you have made to a database when you synchronize by setting the SyncOnStartUp variable to Synchronize with Changes Review.
  • You can now set the Routing Mode in the CADWorx Plant Setup.
  • You can now isolate the reverse of the selected items in the CADWorx Line View palette. You can also manage your isolation in the Line View Isolation Properties Manager added to the CADWorx Line View palette. You can set the file created in the Line View Isolation Properties Manager to a default by setting it in the LineViewIsolationSettingsFile variable. This also allows you to isolate based on custom data.
  • You can now break pipes into segments and change segmented pipe to non-segmented pipe.
  • You can now change the elevation of placed piping in the drawing.
  • You can now generic attach for nozzles using the ENGENERIC command.
  • You can now enable the RepeatFile in ISOGEN which enables start and split locations for consecutive ISOGEN outputs. Set the ISOGENSetting variable to control the import of the repeat file data. The number of sheets is then added to the ISOGEN Data dialog box.
  • Intersecting piping components can now be converted. Options are presented to you when a piping component crosses another component. If you selected None from the list, you can use the CONVERTINTERSECTEDPIPINGS command to convert the intersecting piping.


  • The MOVELINE command has been added to the documentation to reflect its availability in the software.
  • Continue Routing has been updated with information to enhance documentation for ease of use in the software.
  • The Change Size topic has been updated to reflect the changes to the software for pipe supports. You can now change the size of a pipe and the pipe support changes with it.

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