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tvorba výkresovej dokumentácie v Autodesk Inventor 2014

Split tables

You can split a parts list, hole, revision, or general table, and then relocate the table segments to the desired place on the drawing sheet.

To split a table, right-click text in a table row, and click Table  Split Table. The table splits into two segments. In the browser, the new table segment displays as a child of the parent table. To cancel the table split, right-click a table segment, and click Un-split Table.

Note Edits to the parent segment of the table are promoted to child segments. Changes that you make to a child segment do not affect other table segments.


Raster views

A new option in the drawing view dialog box creates raster views that do not become precise over time. You control when to make the views precise.

Raster views can help you defer the cost of precise drawing view recompute when you edit a large model. For example, open the drawing document and convert all views to raster. Open the assembly file and edit the model. The drawing document displays the changes without waiting for a full recompute.

A raster view displays in the browser with a diagonal red line through it. Green brackets frame a raster view in the display.

Use the browser context menu to convert an individual view to a precise or raster view. Use the context menu in the display and select Make All Views Precise, or Make All Views Raster to convert multiple views.


Appearance property

The model Appearance value is added as a selectable property. You can add the Appearance property to a bill of materials, or a parts list.


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