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Intergraph® Visual Vessel Design

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Intergraph rozšíril svoje portfólio produktov o ďalší veľmi zaujímavý produkt Intergraph® Visual Vessel Design, čo rozšíril a ponuka zaujimavé možnosti ako produkt Intergraph® PV Elite .

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Intergraph® Visual Vessel Design


  Visual Vessel Design is a comprehensive pressure vessel, shell and tube exchanger, and boiler design and analysis software with a strong emphasis on European codes and standards.

Visual Vessel Design is currently used by multiple refiners, oil companies, EPCs, and independent consultants for both onshore and offshore applications.

Integrated Databases
Visual Vessel Design has a comprehensive collection of dimensional and physical properties that minimizes manual entry of values and helps streamline data entry.

Tube Layouts
Visual Vessel Design allows the designer to easily perform a highly optimized tube layout by offering true flexibility in accommodating tube patterns and passes of all kinds.

Utilization Charts
The utilization charts provide the user with instant feedback on the utilization of each component. With Visual Vessel Design, users have immediate insight into the maximum utilization of each component in selected vessels.

Materials Library
Visual Vessel Design includes a material library with data for more than 3500 different materials referenced to the ASME, BSI, EN and NGS standards.

External Loads Module
This feature allows for the calculation of the loading on the support and the foundation loading for all load cases and for all types of support, including skirt, leg, bracket, and saddle support.

External loads can include seismic loads, wind loads, dead loads, live loads on platforms, acceleration loads, nozzle loads, and blast/explosion loads.

Report Generation
Visual Vessel Design generates reports that are data-rich and can include graphical elements and equations, with utilization charts, which additionally provides an instant overview of the calculation results.

Codes & Standards
Visual Vessel Design is a global package with   a strong emphasis on European codes and standards; including EN13480, AD 2000 Merkblatt, EN13445, PD5500, TBK2, and TKN. It also includes ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 for true international code flexibility.

General Arrangement (GA) Drawing Module
The GA Drawing module lets users easily select drawings and tables that you want to include in your GA Drawing. It then saves the drawing in both an AutoCAD® DXF file format and a PDF file format.

2D & 3D Drafting Utility
Visual Vessel Design can easily provide visualization of the design in both 3D and 2D with all components at their proper location relative to the global base coordinate system.

The 2D drawing module allows single components, complete vessels, or any selected groups of components to be drawn on the screen or printed to scale. The included 3D modeler allows users to easily recognize dimensional input errors as they occur.

Advanced Flange Design
Visual Vessel Design includes the sophisticated flange design methods from EN1591 and EN13445 Annex. This enables users to easily design both standard and non-standard flanges that can take into account external loading and the effect of thermal expansion. This method also determines the flange rotation, deflection, and calculates the minimum required bolting torque.


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