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FluidFlow3 v3.32 (5th January, 2015)

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With version 3.32, we have improved our physical property predictions and have introduced the ability to model petroleum fractions from ASTM D86 or True Boiling Point Curve data.

We have improved the accuracy of our two-phase flash calculations, added pressure recovery effects and generally improved the two-phase solution algorithms.

Our pre-release Quality Assurance tests have been expanded (we now test over 700 worked examples, covering all phase states).

For slurry calculations a new deposition calculation method “Oroskar and Turian” has been added.

The flowsheet results presentation has been improved and this is also reflected in the generated reports.

We continue to work hard on our upcoming Version 4 product which is due to be released later this year.


  • Added ability to model Petroleum Fractions to the Physical Property Estimator and the property database.
  • Added pressure recovery into 2-phase flash calculations. The effect of this becomes apparent with liquids at their boiling point.
  • Added new correlation for estimating Settling Slurry Critical/Deposition Velocity. Oroskar and Turian.
  • Added ability for a pump to handle low two-phase quality mixtures at suction.
  • Improved Two-Phase flow calculations by tracking enthalpy along pipe; this allows for more accurate flash calculations.
  • Added ability to show control valve charts from the flowsheet.
  • Improved flowsheet text and fly-by formatting.
  • Added ability to activate over a network.
  • Addition of an automatic backup to the DATA folder. Occurs every 30 days by default.
  • Added more QA examples. We now have over 700 examples that are fully checked before each new release: 85 Two-Phase, 176 Compressible, 79 Equipment Sizing, 251 Incompressible, 79 Non Newtonian, 11 Petroleum Fraction, 8 Saturated gas and Two-Phase and 22 script examples.


  • Velocities and Pressure for ALL size change elements are now based on the actual size of the element.
  • Added additional checks for out of range atmospheric pressure changes made by the user via the ‘Calculation Options’ dialog.
  • Removed ability to customize the Components Palette.

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