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Types and Tricks | Bricscad Interface | Prompt Menu

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Prompt Menu

You don´t see right menu (for top right corner) in Bricscad 2020.

That feature is called Prompt Menu and it can you can enable it by setting PROMPTMENU == 3 (for top right corner) or other values. Please check this in Settings dialog.

New current value for PROMPTMENU (0 to 5) <0>: 1 – 5

Prompt Menus

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BricsCAD commands often provide several options. These options appear in the status bar or command bar and also in a prompt menu, which initially displays at the top right corner of the screen. Choose an option by clicking in the prompt menu. E.g. click Radius in the PLINE prompt menu to define the radius of the current arc segment of a polyline.

Polyline prompt menu when drawing line segmentsPolyline prompt menu when drawing arc segments

To control the display of prompt menus

Whether a prompt menu displays and its location is controlled through the PROMPTMENU system variable and the PromptMenuFlags user preference.

Type promptmenu in the command bar, then type a value of 0 to 5 (see table below) and press Enter.

0No prompt menus
1Display prompt menu at user defined location (*)
2Display prompt menu at top left corner
3Display prompt menu at top right corner
4Display prompt menu at bottom left corner
5Display prompt menu at bottom right corner

(*) You can move the prompt menu by dragging it; future prompt menus will appear where you last placed it.

NOTESThe PROMPTMENU system variable is saved in the registry and therefore applies to all drawings.The PromptMenuFlags user preference has three options:1 = Show hidden options. Hidden options display in italics.2 = Hide the prompt menu when a command prompts to select entities.3 = Disable selection options in the prompt menu.

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