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From CADWorx to SmartPlant

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spoločnosť cadvision v spolupráci Intergraph CZ Praha Vám ponúka TOP veľké riešenia SMART 3D a menšie riešenia CADWorx 3D. Názorná ukážka ich vzájomná koordinácia týchto riešení.

Prinášame možnosti ako spolupracovať medzi týmito dvomi riešeniami:

From CADWorx to SmartPlant

Did you know that it is possible for sub-contractors, using CADWorx, to effectively collaborate and deliver designs to EPCs and OOs using SmartPlant? And did you know that such collaboration can be a lossless process?

Join this session at HxGN LOCAL CAU Houston 2016 to find out how ANSALDO ENERGIA, Italy, was able to work with CADWorx and deliver their designs into a client’s Smart3D model. Through using an example model you can learn how CADWorx models can be configured to work with SmartPlant and how information can be subsequently leveraged by SmartPlant tools such as Smart3D, SmarttPlant Construction, SmartPlant InterOp and SmartPlant Foundation.




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