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Honeywell – Unisim Design

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spoločnosť cadvision s.r.o. je channel partnerom spoločnosti Honeywell pre Slovensky, Česky a Maďarský trh.

Production Design: UniSim Design Suite

Plant Design and Simulation Products:

  • UniSim® Design (steady-state)
  • UniSim® Dynamics Options
  • UniSim® Flare
  • UniSim® Spirally-Wound Tube Bundle Module
  • UniSim® 3rd Party Options

Equipment Design and Simulation Products:

  • UniSim® Shell-Tube Exchanger Modeler
  • UniSim® Crossflow Exchanger Modeler
  • UniSim® Plate-Fin Exchanger Modeler
  • UniSim® Fired Process Heater Modeler
  • UniSim® Plate Exchanger Modeler
  • UniSim® FeedWater Heater Modeler
  • UniSim® Process Pipeline Modeler

Conceptual Design Product:

  • UniSim® ExchangerNet

Physical Properties Product:

  • UniSim® ThermoWorkbench

  • UniSim 3D Connect
  • UniSim Curriculum
  • UniSim Field View
  • UniSim Operations Suite


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