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VVD New version 16.0 (2016)

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VVD New version 16.0 (2016)

Please be informed that the new version 16.0 is now available and will be distributed to all customers that have signed a maintenance contract for year 2016. This version is in compliance with:

  • ASME VIII Div. 1: 2015 Edition (A validation document to ASME PTB-4 is also available upon request).
  • ASME II Part D : 2015 Edition
  • EN13445:2014 Issue 1
  • PD5500:2015+A1:2015
  • EN13480:2012 issue 3

The new licensing model has now been adopted for the VVD software. The software is no longer sold as separate modules, but now includes all available modules. With this version all users are given access to all modules/standards and full capabilities.

For information related to the new release please follow the link:










Below is a brief summary of additions and enhancements:

  • A new option has been included to allow the use of any existing file as a template for new design. The end user can select an existing file and easily change the design code, process conditions, materials, and/or any major dimensions. This will in many cases give a significant time saving compared to starting a vessel design from scratch. To re-use any file, click on the file name in the list of files and then click on the command ‘Template’ (see sketch below).
  • Newsflash – Direct communication with end users. Newsflash allows a direct communication with end users. Information can very quickly be transmitted to the end user. Newsflash will automatically update after a few days as long as the PC is kept online, however in case the PC is offline the text box will show ‘Connection Unavailable’. This information channel will be used to better inform the end users of new modules available, new features, discovered/solved problems, changes to standards, testing of new modules, available courses and general information.


  • The unit conversion option has been significantly improved.
  • The STEP file converter has been significantly improved, this tool allows export of the 3D drawing generated in the VVD software to a STEP file format. Most 3D CAD systems supports the STEP file format, hence allows the end user to import the 3D drawing from the VVD software into their 3D CAD modeller.
  • Updated the material library to latest editions of the material standards.
  • Added a new feature named QuickDesign that allows the end user to modify the input of multiple components at the same time. The input data is shown in a matrix for multiple components as shown below. This allows a much more rapid design and modification to existing components. QuickDesign also shows essential information like error and warning messages, weight and CG of vessel, maximum utilization for each components etc. To activate QuickDesign go to the scroll down menu and click on ‘Action’ > ‘QuickDesign’. When using the command ‘Apply Changes’, all the modified components will be recalculated. It is however advised to use the ‘Recalculate All’ function after all modifications have been completed.


Shown above is the QuickDesign window.

zdroj Intergraph a Ohmtech:


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