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Fluidflow3 nová verzia 3.33

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Fluidflow 3.33

je tu nová verzia produktu, ktorá obsahuje nové funkcie :

V 3.33  This release addresses some two-phase bugs that were introduced as a result of the improvements/changes made in the V3.32 release.
You do not need to update from V3.32 if you do not have the 2-phase module.

tu si môžete pozrieť nové funkcie predošlej verzie Fluidflow3.32

* Added the ability to make a buried pipe calculation. Added different pipe coating, soil and backfill types to the insulation database.
* Added phosphine gas to physical property database.
* Improved insulation thermal conductivity as a function of temperature relationship and added more data for insulation materials.
* Added the ability to assume steam traps are present for a condensing gas.
This option (Calculation -> Options Gas Tab) prevents gasflow from developing into 2-phase flow when heat loss is included.
* Bill of Materials now subdivides pipes into schedules.
* Added ability to model expansion loops in one component, instead of drawing out each individual expansion loop.
* Added more calculation examples to QA tests and updated help file.

* For Open Pipes and Open Boundaries with a resistance, the exit static pressure is now assumed to be atmospheric pressure.
In earlier releases, the exit stagnation pressure was assumed to be atmospheric.
* Restricted tee junction K values to max and min values. Max = 90 and Min = -15, this aids convergence without limiting practical values.
* Added the ability to include Joule Thomson Coefficient in “Do Heat Loss Calculation”, via Calculation -> Options Gas Tab.

* Two Phase pipe calculations using HEM rather than specified method. Calculation actually uses correct method but Correlation Name is not updated correctly
* Proper updating of script editor when moving between flowsheets.
* Pipe Sizing (Roughness and Scaling) data is now updated when a Database -> Refresh Data option is selected.
* Fix to File -> Save which occasionally acted like File -> Save As…
* Fixed a bug in the Input Editor.
* Booster + Auto Booster Phase Change sometimes occurred when its not supposed to. i.e gas in -> liquid out, changed to do the adiabatic calc before the flash calc.
* Premixed 2-phase fluid was not working correctly.
* Prediction of shellside pressure loss for a heat exchanger. Relationships updated, but an overestimate still occurs. Simplified Delaware method is known to overestimate.
* Settling Slurry Systems – On a directional change from a boundary node IN. Slurry solid was not updated correctly.
* Fixed Reservoir node: If you change the “Level Unit” & “Vessel Dimension Unit” from m to ft, the unit change is reflected in the Connections Diagram however, the height value has changed incorrectly. For instance, a liquid height of 1.5 m gets converted to 0.46 ft. A quick check shows that 0.46m actually converts to 1.5ft.
* When modeling a gas system, if we enter a known pressure value at an inlet and calculate the system, the pressure value shown in results is different.
* US Units contain 2 result rows of duty power and Excel Report showing 2 Diameter Units.
* Error in Oroskar deposition velocity calc if deposition velocity > VsMax.

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